Day 2 Sandy Mouth to Dizzard Point

We all work during the week to a greater or lesser degree, so our walks will generally be at weekends and our 2nd leg of the walk, on Sunday 5 July 2015, was no exception. This time we were starting out from Sandy Mouth which was our previous end point and this will be our pattern throughout.

The weather on the drive to Sandy Mouth was attrocious with torrential rain, thunder and lightening. We were beginning to wonder whether we were going to manage to start the walk at all. Indeed the nice man at the National Trust Car Park thought we were completely mad starting out in such dreadful weather.

In fact there did not seem to be another drop of rain as we started out, the skies cleared and the weather just got better and better as we went along.

We knew that today’s walk would be a whole lot easier than last time as the contour lines suggested a much gentler experience. And this proved to be the case. Our first logical stop was in Bude where we hoped to meet Mike for a coffee. But our lines of communication failed and we knew we would be wasting time to try and catch up with him.

Starting to get the hang pf these selfies!

Starting to get the hang pf these selfies!

Beautiful Bude - I wish we had had more time there, but we had to press on.

Beautiful Bude – I wish we had had more time there, but we had to press on.

Our next logical meeting place was somewhere along Widemouth Bay. But although Hilary and I made use of the facilities, we missed Mike again and pressed on. A text or two later and we caught up with him at a viewing point above Millook Haven. By now were all really hot and sticky and Danny was starting to struggle again. I was certainly getting out of breath on the ups! So at Millook I handed Danny over to Mike and on we went.

Somewhere on route!

Somewhere on route!

Shortly after Millook, I misread one of the signposts and took us on a dreadful wrong turn. The path headed very steeply downwards and amongst massive undergrowth, we couldn’t see our feet, and slipped and slid down towards the beach. There were even a couple of stretches where a rope gave some sort of a hand-hold, but when we got to the bottom, not quite to the beach it was clear we had gone horribly wrong.

The only option was to turn around and make our tortuous way back up to the top and carry on on the path. I was really cross to have wasted our energies and time, but it was a very strong lesson learned – read the signs carefully!.

With the delay this has caused us and recognising that Crackington Haven was likely to be out of our reach for today, we started to make contact with Mike to arrange a meeting point for him to pick us up.

At Dizzard we found the best offering and made our way inland off the Coast Path, meeting up quite easily at the farm there. Mike said that the farmer had done some of the Coast Path in his time and was interested in our progress.

In 5.3 hrs distance covered 9.74 miles (15.6 k). Max height reached above sea level 157 m. Weather beautiful.


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