Hilary and Sarah walk the Cornish leg of the South West Coast Path

As if we had nothing better to do with our lives, we set ourselves the challenge of walking the Cornish leg of the South West Coast Path in no particular timescale.

Fortunately we could enlist Mike to be our support driver so we don’t have to organise transport.

On our first day, Saturday 27 June 2015, we started just north of the border in to Devon at Welcombe Mouth. The track down to the car park where Mike could drop us off, was really rough and added about 20 mins to our journey time just getting down to it.

The intrepid walkers pose before setting off from Welcombe Point

The intrepid walkers pose before setting off from Welcombe Mouth

I hadn’t really checked out our likely journey which was probably just as well, because this leg of the walk was pretty strenuous by any standards.

When we reached the border in to Cornwall of course we had to mark the occasion…

Our 4th attempt at a selfie gave us the shot we wanted!

Our 4th attempt at a selfie gave us the shot we wanted!

The border crossing lies at Marsland Mouth which was our first serious descent/ascent – a frequent occurrence on the Coast Path! This was our first experience of what was to come.

I forgot to tell you about the dogs! Hilary and I have 4 dogs between us, but I only took one of mine because the other is getting on a bit (a bit like me!) and would be unlikely to cope with the distances. So the 5 of us (my Danny, and Hilary’s Millie and Zimba) continued on our way in to Cornwall.

5 further serious descents/ascents later and we met up with Mike at Duckpool. A beautiful little inlet where the dogs cooled off in the river and we had a spot of lunch and made use of the facilities!

Resting at Duckpool

We made it to Duckpool where we offloaded Danny!

I left Danny with Mike as I could tell he was struggling a bit in the heat and his solid, chocolate labrador frame, was starting to wilt! Millie and Zimba seemed to be taking it all in their stride as was Hilary. My legs, on the other hand, were also starting to wobble!

So we pressed on to the next available meeting point at Sandy Mouth, by which time I knew I was not going to be able to go any further. We had thought we might make it to Bude, but it was not to be. Thankfully at Sandymouth we could avail ourselves of the lovely cafe there before wending our way home.

In 4.5 hrs distance covered 7.35 miles (11.8 k). Max height reached above sea level 121 m. Weather beautiful.


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